How to fire an event when the project has loaded

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Wed Jan 25 09:33:21 UTC 2006

eToys to the rescue: Cmd-Click on the desktop to get the halos, open the 
viewer for the world, create a new script, set its trigger to "opening". 
Click on the little checkmark that says "toggle between showing tiles 
and showing textual code"; type in the code you want, accept it. Close 
the scriptor by clicking on the [o] button, close the viewer too. 
Publish your project. The next time you open it your code will be run.

   - Andreas

Rudolf Coetsee wrote:
> Hi
> I would like my project to show a dialog and initialize it as soon as it 
> has been loaded successfully into a web browser. I've tried adding a 
> postscript in the change sorter, but although it seems to execute the 
> statements in the postscript, the dialog disappears again almost 
> immediately and is replaced by a blank screen.
> I also tried publishing the project with the dialog already displayed, 
> which works better (i.e. when the project is loaded, the dialog is still 
> displayed) but I obviously need some event to nudge it into action once 
> the project has been loaded successfully.
> Can anyone help me with this?
> Thanks
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------

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