Alan Kay's EuroPython Keynote

Alan Kay alan.kay at
Fri Jul 7 04:40:59 UTC 2006

Hi Folks --

At 03:46 PM 7/6/2006, Brad Fuller wrote:
>Serge Stinckwich wrote:
> > There is a report of Guido Van Rossum about an Alan Kay talk in his
> > web log here :
> >
>this is sad to read:
>Alan believes that Python has a much larger mindshare than Smalltalk or
>Squeak, and that because of this a similar environment in Python will
>have a greater chance of succeeding than the current Squeak one.

Explicitly for the deployment and maintainence in the third world on a 
Linux platform ...

>  Also,
>the $100 laptop already has Python, and Alan is of course hoping that a
>Squeak-like environment will be part of it, so this appears expedient.

We will also have the Squeak based stuff on there. But I'm worried about 
maintenance and extensions, etc. So we made a new version of Etoys (called 
"WYSIwiki - will be released later this summer) that uses an OpenDoc format 
for moving project/pages around. This could have any number of 
"players/authoring hosts", and I'm hoping that both the Python and Ruby 
communities will take a shot at doing one.

>(At the Shuttleworth summit in April
><> I believe
>Alan also suggested that Squeak is suffering from its extremely simple
>graphics model; apparently it cannot benefit from graphics accelerator
>cards because of its platform-independent architecture.

I, of course, said nothing of the kind (since (a) this isn't true and (b) 
Croquet does use OpenGL).

>Python on the
>other hand already has bindings to OpenGL and DirectX, for example.)

But it doesn't really have a reasonable graphics system. However, an etoys 
environment is essentially a reasonable OOPL + plus a comprehensive 
graphics system, so it would benefit the Python folks to take this step.




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