new Smalltalk programmer's thoughts

Bill Spight bspight at
Mon May 1 23:27:21 UTC 2006

Dear Wolfgang,

> But it is not speculative that Smalltalk is the only programming
> language that allows indexed variables and forces the programmer to
> use one as the first index. If you find another one let me know.
To add to the list, there's Icon.

Icon indexes in an interesting way. It indexes not the elements, but
before, after, and between elements. It also indexes from both ends of a
list or array. E. g.,

    (1,-3) A (2,-2) B (3,-1) C (4,0)

There are three elements, A, B, and C, and 8 indices, -3 to 4. 1 and -3
refer to the point before A, 2 and -2 to the point before B, and 3 and
-1 to the point before C. 4 and 0 refer to the end. To access an element
you use one of the indices that comes before it.

Best regards,


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