new Smalltalk programmer's thoughts

tim Rowledge tim at
Tue May 2 00:06:00 UTC 2006

>> But it is not speculative that Smalltalk is the only programming
>> language that allows indexed variables and forces the programmer to
>> use one as the first index. If you find another one let me know.

Even if it were true that no other language used 1 origin array  
indexing, so what? Popularity is no indication of correctness. If we  
cared about being like all the other languages we wouldn't have  
Smalltalk. If we cared about being like all the other kids we  
wouldn't have geeks like us to create stuff like Smalltalk. And then  
where would the world be?

Ultimately, Smalltalk, like all other languages, systems, cars,  
planes, boats, foods, political parties, comics, games etc is what it  
is. If you like it - Enjoy! If you don't - find one you do like and  

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Asking whether machines can think is like asking whether submarines  
can swim.

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