Peeping At The KeyHole

SmallSqueak smallsqueak at
Tue May 2 16:21:10 UTC 2006

Hi Klaus,

> >     I would be very happy to be wrong here and
> >     will publicly apologize when the kernel image
> >     is released together with a Morphic package.
> With kernel image, did you mean
> -

    No, sorry.

> If that was not what you meant then please give URL.

    Sorry, again.

    I think that URL won't be available until The Board
    announces the release.

    IIRC, many moons ago, it was discussed here that
    there should be an official Kernel Image on which
    other packages like MVC, Morphic, Tools... can
    be loaded to build various other images to suit
    many different needs.

    The Kernel Image is the result of the modularization
    of the last Kitchen Sink Image.

    After that the kitchen sink will be placed in the dusty
    museum and RIP.



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