Performance comparisons

Nagy Attila attis at
Tue May 2 19:52:58 UTC 2006

Some performance comparisons between my PocketPC, my desktop and the 
nslu2. I ran the Integer>>tinyBenchmark on my 400 MHz Intel PXA255 
PocketPC (little-endian ARM, 64 MB RAM, Turbo mode). Results are:

	18048505 bytecodes/sec; 627490 sends/sec

If the speed is scaled down to 200 MHz:

	9216589 bytecodes/sec; 312981 sends/sec (no surprise)

However, the nslu2 almost reaches the 400 MHz performance of the PXA255!

> I'm glad to tell you all that squeak has been ported (cross compiled) to run on
> the nslu2! (266MHz big-endian ARM with 32MB RAM -nodisplay -nosound)
>     0 tinyBenchmarks
>     '14692378 bytecodes/sec; 551451 sends/sec'

On my AMD XP 2800+ 512MB desktop running Linux 2.6:

	225153913 bytecodes/sec; 7844410 sends/sec

Despite of the tremendous difference (12.5*), Squeak is definitely 
usable on the PocketPC (speedwise at least), after having done one minor 
adjustment: changing the SystemWindow maximize method so that the 
maximized window fills the entire screen. You can even do development, 
just use Class browser instead of System browser.


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