Klein (was "Requiem or Resurgence?")

Michael Latta lattam at mac.com
Thu May 11 22:26:11 UTC 2006

Cool.  Spoon looks to be more than I thought it was.

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 > If Spoon allowed me to update the VM from the remote tools, set
 > breakpoints in the VM and use blocks to implement the VM, then yes.

	Surely those are part of items #1 and #2 in your previous message,
#3, as Tim was referring to. And I expect they would be addressed by 
combining Spoon with Exupery (which *does* target x86).

 > Spoon does allow migration of objects from one VM to another.

	Right (although I think "from one object memory to another" would be
better way to phrase it). It also allows interaction between objects on 
different machines without moving them around, which is more common.

 > I do not know if it has seamless debugging of the target image from
 > the tools image.

	It certainly does. Any context can be the sender of any context on
other machine. So, for example, you can have context stacks that span 
multiple machines (as happens during remote debugging and remote 
exception handling). You could even do really strange things like 
continuations that span multiple machines (perhaps Seaside could use this?).

	Spoon is a distributed object memory.

	Ungar's team asked me out to lunch a couple of years ago to discuss
work with them, so it's no surprise to me that they were thinking of 
similar things. Who thought of what first I don't know, but I did 
conceive and implement these ideas independently.


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