Requiem or Resurgence?

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at
Fri May 12 09:47:24 UTC 2006

Hi Michael,

on Thu, 11 May 2006 22:28:23 +0200, you <lattam at> wrote:

>> From the paper it is actually quite new and interesting.
> 1) Where Squeak is statically translated from Slang to C to binary, The  
> VM
> will use dynamic compilation at run-time to translate the VM and the user
> code in the same address space/image.  This of course needs a bootstrap  
> that
> can persist the dynamic compilation results for enough of the system to
> allow it to run on its own.
> 2) This will allow parts of the VM to be dynamically inlined into the  
> code
> generated for user code.

Possibly even more when you expand VM (in the above) to VM+compiler; i.e.  
parts of VM+(optimizing)+compiler to be dynamically inlined into the user  
code ;-) No wonder they are talking about (meta-)circularity.


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