Smalltalk: Requiem or Resurgence? {Dr. Dobb's Journal (05/06/06) Chan, Jeremy}

Duncan Mak duncanmak at
Fri May 12 06:20:25 UTC 2006

On 5/12/06, Hans N Beck <hnbeck at> wrote:
> just as a remark: I've had always trouble to convince marketing
> people with the look of VW, even 7.3 (or 7.4). It was astonishing -
> they always cried "hey, that's not windows" at demos with VW. They
> have a remarkable sense for "native" windows look :-))

I tried Dolphin Smalltalk on my Windows machine last night. I have to say,
it's really the nicest looking Smalltalk on Windows. It looks very slick.

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