How does a newbie get past the feeling thay he is trying to understand an elephant whilst looking through a keyhole?

Dan Shafer dan at
Mon May 15 22:02:41 UTC 2006

Yeah, in that case, a beginner just needs to grok the idea of a  
Transcript. The iterator syntax looks strange to a newbie but isn't  
hard to read. But I submit that it *is* hard to "invent".


On May 10, 2006, at 5:43 PM, Simon Michael wrote:

>> 1 to: 10 do: [:i |
>>     Transcript
>>         show: i; tab;
>>         show: i * i; tab;
>>         show: i * i * i; cr].
> Thanks for this, it seems far more comparable from a beginner's  
> point of view. The other one made me cry. :)

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