Detecting keyUp for modifier keys

Duncan Mak duncanmak at
Tue May 16 21:33:05 UTC 2006


On 5/16/06, Hernan Tylim <htylim at> wrote:
> What you describe sounds too much to the WindowSwitcher I made and
> distribute with the KeyBinder package. If it is that WindowSwitcher which
> you are refering to, I did it a long time ago, I think for Squeak 3.7,
> maybe 3.8, but certainly not 3.9. And thats probably the reason why it
> doesn't work properly now.

Ah. I used John Pierce's setup script, and it installed KeyBinder on
my 3.9images.

BTW,  the KeyBinder package was a proof of concept on some changes I wanted
> for Squeak for its keyboard focus policy, and the WindowSwitcher was a proof
> of concept for the KeyBinder in itself :)

Ah.  I  was confusing the new Services code with KeyBinder.

P.S: It is possible to change the binding that WindowSwitcher use, you just
> need to do it from the KeyBinder UI.

Either way, it seems to work quite well, except for this bug. If there is
indeed no way of detecting a keyup event for any of the modifier keys, then
I think it's a pretty major deficiency of Squeak's keyboard event handling

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