Talk (without small) about you

Lord ZealoN lordzealon at
Thu May 18 19:33:54 UTC 2006

Well. All the forums, mailing lists etc.. has a section about the
users. Would be very nice if we take one. Then, we can know how many
users are active, his "nation", age etc... hopefully would be
interesting to know the average age for example, and the participation
of all users, included the smalltalk/squeak gurus. You listened me
Alan Kay and company? ;)

Ok, here we go.

Name:    Giuseppe Luigi Punzi
Work:    System Administrator/Developer
City/Country:     Madrid and Murcia (weekends)/ Spain
I'm using smalltalk.... :     I'm learning smalltalk in my little free
time for that reason i'm learning it very slow. But i have some
projects to start soon. A few for PocketPC.
Actual ST Project:    Learning.
Age:     23



::Mi blog::

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