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Lic. Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Wed May 24 18:47:08 UTC 2006

Milan Zimmermann puso en su mail :

> Hi Edgar,
> I am still subscribed to the Math-Morph mailing list, I assume they are no
> longer maintained (for a looong time). Are you saying you are bringing
> MathMorphs back to life on more recent Squeak? That would be nice, and I
> could offer help, not saying how valuable help and how much :) but interested
> in trying,
> Milan
Yes, that is what I saying.

On my SqueakLight what once was 3.7 based and each day is near to 3.9.

What I have is a all sources stuff collect from 2.2 days to 3.6 days what is
the last what Francisco Garau publish.

My very glued SqueakLightMW.image could produce all plots in

Also have most of direct manipulation on Morphs

Some what I do for working is sure bad , for many undocumentated calls, and
changes from MorphicWrappers (and from Squeak) are do lucky guess to have

Some things still don't found, like VibratingStringMorphs or Sturm's theorem
graph mentions in mathmorph chapter in Squeak book.

So if you (or any) have any pieces of code, please send to me.

Or Luciano Notarfrancesco , Leandro Caniglia , Gerardo Richarte or any of
others "marvel guys" are reading and have old pieces of wisdom to share ,
let me know.

I start to polish what I have and could put available soon.

Thanks Milan and could email direct to me.


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¡Dejate encontrar! 

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