The original Squeak release is available under APSL2.

Craig Latta craig at
Thu May 25 05:08:08 UTC 2006

Hi Daniel--

 > [Let's make] it clear what code in the image remains tainted, to
 > encourage rewrites.

	Right; I've been planning to implement license metadata for behavior, 
to go along with authorship metadata, but I hadn't decided which 
granularity to use (per-method? per-method-bytecode?). I'll go with 
per-method and per-class-definition for now.

 > Say, Craig, how much code is there in Spoon that is not covered by
 > this new license and not copyright Craig Latta?

	The only thing I can think of offhand is the support for weak 
references, done by Andreas at Di... Di... no, I'm not going to be the 
first one to mention the next sleeping dog in public. ;)  I'd assumed it 
would stay in the minimal system, at least to support Symbol interning.

	I'll be doing a thorough analysis of who owns what in Spoon.



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