Squackers, Tenth-Birthday-of-Squeak edition - Fireworks!!

Marcel Weiher marcel at metaobject.com
Wed Oct 4 15:15:12 UTC 2006

On Oct 3, 2006, at 15:32 , Alejandro F. Reimondo wrote:

> There has been a huge investment in promoting smalltalk
>  as a medium to take a new path in systems development (and
>  understanding), but imo, from the very first papers (like "The
>  design principles behing Smalltalk") upto today, the
>  use of smalltalk as an open system has not been promoted
>  (social constrains?).

Well, it really isn't all that open of a system these days, it is very  
much a closed world onto itself.  This state of affairs is absolutely  
understandable, historically, because at the time it was created,  
Smalltalk could be the whole world as there wasn't much else out there  
to connect to.  However, the changes in the outside world since 1980  
(or '76 or '72) have been dramatic, and that is probably understating  

I don't think "extending" Smalltalk(s) will do the trick, I think  
"refactoring" is the very least that needs to be done.


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