Cryptographic Primitives

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Fri Oct 6 18:03:12 UTC 2006

Hi J J,

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> >I would like to have the DESPlugin which is already a part of the VMMaker
> >compiled internally in the distributed VM's, and we are considering
> writing
> >others to speed up implementations.
> >
> What is the difference between the DESPlugin and the pure smalltalk DES
> code
> that was provided.

DESPlugin is faster, but we haven't done any real tests to figure out how
much slower the native smalltalk version is.  Des in general is a fast
algorithm.  3Des is 3 times slower.  Form what I understand the native
version is acceptable for performance.  Other things like SHA256 are fine
for hashing small values, but we found the difference between SHA1 and
SHA256 hashing 1 million a's is pretty significant.  We expect SHA256 to be
slower but since I having written the plugin for it the difference is SHA1
is subsecond and SHA256 takes 38 seconds.  This would be unacceptable
performance for and TLS1.2 ciphersuites.  So a plugin is needed.
> Also it would be interesting to hear Bryce's input on this.  Speeding up
> now
> is good, but if the JIT turns out fast (as it sounds like it will) then we
> would want as much as possible to be pure smalltalk, no?

I would be interested in the answer.

Ron Teitelbaum

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