Real closures

stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at
Sat Oct 7 15:25:17 UTC 2006

>> There are two separate issues:
>> 1) Why Anthony's VI4 work was rejected?

I do not know in fact. There were some implications on the stack  
But this was log time ago.

>> 2) Why we haven't yet incorporated the new compiler work that Anthony
>> did then Markus has been maintaining?
> Because it's not a drop in replacement yet:
> - Decompilation of blocks doesn't work yet.
> - Doesn't work for DoIt's in the debugger
> - Error messages are bad. There is only one error message: 'token not
> excpected'. Mathieu is working on this.
> - No bootstrapping, can't compile itself. Mathieu is working on this.
> - ... (whatever I forgot)

ESUG Summertalk succeeded to get a really smart guy helping there.
Mathieu is regularly working and improving the new compiler. Thanks  
So ESUG spent 1500 Euros (this is not a lot but we do it) to go  
slowly and
make sure that we could get a new compiler in a better shape.

The squeakfoundation is supporting the Summertalk effort.

Of course, if the foundation really wanted to collect some money for  
improving the
system this would help... But you know why I left it.


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