Real closures

Mathieu mathk.sue at
Sat Oct 7 16:26:22 UTC 2006

stephane ducasse a écrit :
>>> There are two separate issues:
>>> 1) Why Anthony's VI4 work was rejected?
> I do not know in fact. There were some implications on the stack
> representations.
> But this was log time ago.
>>> 2) Why we haven't yet incorporated the new compiler work that Anthony
>>> did then Markus has been maintaining?
>> Because it's not a drop in replacement yet:
>> - Decompilation of blocks doesn't work yet.
>> - Doesn't work for DoIt's in the debugger
>> - Error messages are bad. There is only one error message: 'token not
>> excpected'. Mathieu is working on this.
>> - No bootstrapping, can't compile itself. Mathieu is working on this.
>> - ... (whatever I forgot)
> ESUG Summertalk succeeded to get a really smart guy helping there.
> Mathieu is regularly working and improving the new compiler. Thanks Mathieu

YW Smalltalk is a really pretty language to work with.

> So ESUG spent 1500 Euros (this is not a lot but we do it)

It is enough for me, Many thanks ESUG :)

> to go slowly and
> make sure that we could get a new compiler in a better shape.

Yes and I have some idea for better error message that will be quite fast to implement

> The squeakfoundation is supporting the Summertalk effort.
> Of course, if the foundation really wanted to collect some money for
> improving the
> system this would help... But you know why I left it.
> Stef

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