CurlPlugin (call for testing)

Ron Teitelbaum Ron at
Wed Oct 11 19:09:11 UTC 2006


Great job, thanks for working on this!  The fact that we did a native SSL in
no way decreases the value of LibCurl!  

There are a lot of reasons why someone would use LibCurl instead of our
native SSL including the fact that our code is not tested and LibCurl uses
OpenSSL which is going through FIPS Certifcation.

I hope that you will consider this project as extremely important to the
community.  In general the more options that we make available in Squeak the
easier it will be for people to get their project completed.

Thank you again for your work!  Nice job!

Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak Cryptography Team Leader

> From: danil osipchuk
> Sent: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 1:07 PM
> Hi all.
> 	I?ve updated the CurlPlugin swiki page:
> Current state of the plugin is completely different to that of the
> original demo, that is: it supports lot of options, it is non-blocking
> (with the exception of 'file://' urls transfers) and it is defensively
> written (this one is subjective :).
> 	It took much more time than I expected (was far more busy all this
> time
> than usually). I?ve noticed that native SSL http support emerged during
> this month (what is excellent), so the main need for  the plugin seems to
> be gone. It still may be useful (it is probably is/can be faster, smarter
> in corners and more powerful). With the respect to the community and Avi,
> I don?t want to abuse his generosity, so we can skip that part about $$.
> This doesn?t mean that I?m refusing from a beer on occasion, however :)
> 	I?m going to leave for a vacation soon for two weeks, during this
> time I
> will not have an access to Internet other than via astral. Tomorrow I will
> try to put the Linux version (I need to compile it against the same lib
> versions as a windows pack) and will wait for opinions.
> Areas where I need a feedback:
> 1)	What people do with cookies
> 2)	What people might want to do with http-headers
> 3)	What the heck is multiform post and
> 4)	What people think about this in general
> Based on the opinions or their absence I?ll decide to continue with it as
> with a pet project (it is not polished yet) or to do something else.
> Regards,
> Danil

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