Games with Squeak

Karl karl.ramberg at
Fri Oct 13 16:18:28 UTC 2006

Lord ZealoN wrote:
> Well, here a question to discuss
> ¿What do you think about use Squeak for make professional games? (with
> actual VM or possible future StrongTalk VM)
> I'm not talking about something like MineSweeper or Solitarie. I'm
> talking about a game with good graphics to sell. MMORPG (Lineage 2,
> EntropiaUniverse, Life...), RTS (Starwars, Warcraft...), Turn-Based
> Games (UFO, Civilization....)
I think the biggest game platform today is flash and shockwave games on 
the internet.
Squeak could be a great alternative in that arena. And by the time the 
tools are done and developer numbers pick up, hardware will be so fast 
one can do really do advanced games.

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