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> No Edgar, you misunderstood me... A decent UI is a UI
> that looks native... One to which the user can relate
> to. That looks like a Mac on a Mac, like Windows on
> Windows, etc.

Well my basic response has be 'yuck' because the windows and mac UIs
are pretty nasty; I won't offer an opinion on any of the X11 based
ones because the last one I saw was a while ago and it looked like a
very poor copy of the worst parts of windows.

No argument there, but some of us do things that require meeting
expectations imposed from the outside.  To be blunt, I'd expect you
would be glad we would like to do it using Squeak.

But if you really want host-like UI, try wxSqueak. If you want
multiple host windows with the option to draw your own within those
windows, try using the Ffenestri code. Come on guys, if this is
important to you, put some damn effort into it.

At the risk of sounding a bit hostile, Jim Benson "put some damn effort
into it" and was treated horribly IMHO.  I know it is not a popular
statement (or at least it wasn't the last time I pointed it out), but
there is still a glass ceiling in terms of affecting Squeak.  If you
want people to "put some damn effort" into Squeak, the leaders needs to
"put some damn effort" into reviewing their work.  Reject it if you
will, but do not ignore it.

Sorry, but I am convinced that the glass ceiling problem is still very
much with us, and that it hurts Squeak more than most realize.  If
Squeak didn't have so much potential, I'd just walk away, as it is, I
bark about this every now and then.

Please note that I am very comfortable with folks like Andreas having
far more influence than newcomers.  I also do not believe there is a
conscious effort to exclude new ideas.  However, there appears to be no
need to review and close submissions, so they get ignored vs. rejected
with an explanation.  I suspect that many things that have been ignored
would be much harder to actively reject with a reason.



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