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Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Sun Oct 15 15:13:27 UTC 2006

Bill Schwab puso en su mail :

> I would be happy to contribute to a formal effort that has some buy-in
> from the appropriate gurus, such that it will be used once it works and
> meets the non-interference constraints they will want.  I agree with
> most of Andreas' complaints about Zurgle, but echo Bert's rebuttal that
> Zurgle is, or should be, about building a framework, not about shoving a
> winxp (IMHO the ugliest thing MS has done to date) look down mac and
> *nix users' throats.
> Please note that I am not the only person saying that the feel of Squeak
> is far more of a problem than its look, especially given 3.9's very
> slick "non-client" widgets, which (amplifying points made recently)
> probably look more familiar to the average user than most of the GUIs of
> Quick Time and MS' Media Player with default settings (perhaps the
> nuttiest thing MS has done to date???<g>).
> I suggest that we form a team for a new skinning project to pick the
> best from Zurgle, Bob's UI, and the various skinning efforts.  The
> default mode would not be skinned at all, but would be configurable with
> blocks and/or subclassing, and should probably strive for a Squeak
> version of the win98/2k era appearance, albeit a little simplified and
> somewhat platform neutral.
> In parallel with that, loading skins is an excellent idea, and should be
> part of the framework from the ground up.  Having a code-only default
> would allow Squeak to run w/o externally supplied art.
> The framework should also provide optional cleanup for tabbing and
> mouse-over behavior.  I am unclear on whether relevant settings should
> be global or at the class or even instance/morphic extension level.  The
> result should be able to serve a clerk who never wants to touch a mouse,
> as well as bleeding edge Squeakers.  The latter camp would probably be
> happy with a global setting or two, and that might be enough, depending
> on the design.
> Comments?
> Bill
Ok .
A quick try shows what 3.9 could load from SqueakMap and what some is wrong
with some Form (I investigate more this)
Also, what StrikeFonts used by Jim could be replaced with ttf.
I on Mac and don't have Tahoma.ttf , but from previous experiment have
Arial, Comic Sans, Verdana , New York .
In parallel I try the zurgle34.sar on my minimal SqueakLight and load with
some complaints.
Don't work as Jim use .bmp for all picts and I choose the Procustian way of
only .jpg/.gif/.png, but some conversion could do the trick.
I must quit now, but email private for coordination.

And Giusseppe (Lord Z) , I hope you do something...

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