Serious Squeak (other "survey")

Cédrick Béler cbeler at
Mon Oct 16 10:57:54 UTC 2006

> Some people in this list speak about web interface, but, i don't like
> the web interface, i like the "desktop" interface, because, i don't
> want thath the user load an explorer to access to the app.
loading eclipse for java is not better ;)
> Doing all through internet, with an explorer, is an error IMHO. 
why ?
> And
> all the developers are taking this way.
> If i want to use my app from a PDA (thanks for the minimal link Edgar
> to try), the PDA is not always connected to internet.
I dont see the problem. You open your image and you have the web based 
interface accessible in local.

To me, a web based will be great for newcomers (at least a cool browser 
to start). Just think of what we could do with Comet... 
After, you still have the possibility to use morphic...


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