A process proposal for 3.10

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Mon Oct 16 13:58:31 UTC 2006

Il giorno lun, 16/10/2006 alle 15.26 +0200, Philippe Marschall ha
> 2006/10/16, Giovanni Giorgi <jj at objectsroot.com>:
> > Philippe,
> >  Giovanni is working hard to give us a workflow.
> > I think you are posing the problems in the wrong way.
> I'm just saying Squeak is extremely limited on development resources.
> There is a lot of great stuff that we could do if we had more
> development resources but we have to work with what we have got.
> Sometimes stuff just doesn't get maintained because the maintainer is
> extremely busy.

But that's my point too. We have limited resources, so we can't afford
to have stuff in the image that we can't manage, that is, stuff without
a mantainer but that we depend upon.

> Also all suggestions have to orient themselves on the reality. Sure it
> would be great if we just could drop package X because it is not
> maintained. But often this is not simple and requires some effort. How
> should do this if there is not even a maintainer for it?

On the other hand, can we keep depending on stuff that is not mantained?


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