call for release team volunteers

Craig Latta craig at
Wed Oct 18 23:23:37 UTC 2006

Hi Andreas--

> What are the deadlines? Both for proposals and for decisions?

     There is currently no formal deadline, but we're hoping that we can
get this done by the next board meeting or two (and that there will be a
flurry of volunteerism starting now :).

> Shouldn't the board choose a team instead of individuals? E.g., the
> way I read your message is that individuals volunteer and the board
> chooses a number of them to run the release. I'd rather see teams
> volunteer and have the board choose a team. Or perhaps this is what
> you mean?

     Yes indeed. We're hoping that people will be forward-thinking
enough to form effective trios on their own and propose them, but we
don't want to exclude singletons since free time is so scarce generally.
We wouldn't appoint people who we didn't think would make a good team.
And we may have to settle for a smaller team if, for example, only a
couple can spare the time. We hope it doesn't come to that, though.

> What degree of freedom does the release team have in making decisions?
> You say it will "operate under close oversight from the board" does
> this have any specific implications?

     It means that all decisions are subject to the approval of the
board. (We take this as part of our mandate from the community.)
Practically, for now it's our way of saying "anything we forgot to
stipulate now we will stipulate when necessary". :)  At the same time,
we hope not to have to intercede, trusting the release team to make good
decisions. The "close oversight" part is mostly about our desire to make
sure the release team's work doesn't stagnate.



Craig Latta

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