Removing Morphic

Todd Blanchard tblanchard at
Sat Oct 21 06:09:13 UTC 2006

There's something fundamental missing from Morphic WRT direct  
manipulation.  You can put together assemblies of morphs, but using  
them as a template for created duplicate assemblies is lacking (or I  
never discovered the nifty technique that lets me freeze-dry a morph  
and reanimate it on demand ala NextStep's InterfaceBuilder).

Nobody builds morphic UI using direct manipulation because it doesn't  
fully support it.

On Oct 20, 2006, at 12:46 PM, karl wrote:

> Morphic is a direct manipulation framework. I Self you program the  
> morphs as you go, instance based, kind of like building your  
> program in the Inspector.  This is not implemented the same way in  
> Squeak. Morphic in Squeak is mostly programmed through classes, but  
> you can still manipulate the Morphs directly in very cool way. Pull  
> things apart etc.

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