headless swiki for Mac OS X? -nodisplay and -headless not available?

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed Oct 25 06:02:27 UTC 2006

ok, funny you should ask, I added headless support to mac carbon  
3.8.13b4U a week back and was looking for beta testers.
I've stuck in on the idisk and ftp server in the experimental folder.
I'll note there is one bug, because of the copyloop change I've been  
hacking on it does not copy forms correctly when you drag widgets  
about, you get
the form's lower/right pixel rendered incorrecctly.

However as headless and not serving Forms this might not be a problem
Later in the week or next week I'll posdt a 3.8.13b5U to fix that  

For now look in the usual places via

Squeak 3.8.13beta4U.app.zip
in the experimental folder.

3.8.13.b4  Headless support
			headless, set background to false if not headless.
			alter uuid returned to signify which VM this is

		swap buttons to ensure cmd/opt of trackpad is right
		Add LSBackgroundOnly to yes i

		headless support
		headless parm -headless added
		headless support
		platforms/Cross/plugins/ExuperyPLugin created

3.8.13.b4, b5, b6, b7
		Had limited distribution to test new button modification logic
		bitBlt>copyLoop changes, normally it prefetchs the next byte for  
barrel shifting 64 bits when copying from
		one form to another, and a dirty secret and old bug is that it  
reads one word past the end of the Form
		when it processes the last word in the Form. However when you use  
surfaces where the surface is
		allocated elsewhere not in object space and in fact say the  
allocated form is 2MB and the vm memory
		system makes the frame past the 2MB range non-readable, why then  
you die on a read protection failure.
		So alter the loop to consider if it's preload and the last line we  
don't do the pre-fetch because that could
		cause a read failure.
		Exupery support, via plugin and changes in the VM for Mac Intel,  
use merged VMMaker-Exupery change set

		Exupery support, via plugin and changes in the VM for Mac Intel.

On 24-Oct-06, at 5:40 PM, Daniel Green wrote:

>   I'm trying to get a swiki running on my mac such that it starts  
> at boot time and doesn't depend on me starting the Mac OS X Squeak  
> app wrapper manually upon desktop login.  Is that possible and if  
> so, has somebody documented it?  It looks like it should be  
> possible to fire off "squeak -headless" or "squeak -display" in a  
> system startup script  but I only find Linux and Solaris versions  
> for server-only mode.  The 3.8.latest version of Squeak for Mac OS  
> X doesn't seem to like either option.
>   Thanks in advance for any insights or pointers to documentation.
>   Best regards,
> -- DanG
> Daniel Green, Sun Microsystems
> Parkville, Missouri
> http://parkville.servebbs.org/media/

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