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>Hi Ron.
>You seem to believe there are people around who are wishing to implement
>stuff just because others want it, not because of their own interest.
>Well, I'm pretty sure there's none.

That's not true.  I am working on RecurranceRule's right now.  I had the 
part I needed weeks ago, but I ditched it to try and get a more complete 
solution (which I will likely never use myself) so others will have it.  And 
when I get done with this, and the project that spawned it, I will look at 
what is on the "hit list" that I could do easily (best to get the low 
hanging fruit first).

I'm leaning toward a RoR type (but better I hope) implimentation in Seaside, 
because I think that would draw more people.

So the truth is, you are right:  I plan on doing this for my own interest.  
My own interest in this system getting popular so we have more bodies to 
write code.  Imagine where we would be with one third the people who are 
working on Java right now.

I'm only one person (with very little free time), but I don't think I'm 
alone in my thinking.

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