Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposal for 3.10)

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Wed Oct 25 12:32:12 UTC 2006


=?ISO-8859-1?Q?St=E9phane_Rollandin?= <lecteur at> wrote:
> goran at wrote:
> > 2. Are you committed in the extent that you would actually join an eToys
> > team making it loadable? Juan has already shown that it can be ripped
> > out - next step would be making it loadable I presume.
> I really despise this logic (and I said that before to you Göran, long 
> ago, in another thread on this very list).
> open source does NOT mean, to me at last, that having an interest in a 
> given feature implies a kind of moral commitment in the development of 
> that feature.

You know, I really didn't ask this to offend you - I asked it because we
need to decide something and that means finding out if there actually
are people willing to pick up this ball. Do not view this as me trying
to put some pressure on etc. - just say "Yes" if you are interested in
this task, or don't answer. Simple as that.

We are trying here to figure out what to do, right? And that will
inevitable boil down to "effort" in either way - effort throwing it out,
effort making it reloadable, whatever.

And even though it may sound harsh - if noone *is* interested (for
various reasons that does not matter in the end, be it lack of interest
or lack of skills or whatever) then it probably will not get done. And
we want to know that, because it affects the decision.

regards, Göran

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