Removing Etoys (was Re: A process proposal for 3.10)

Milan Zimmermann milan.zimmermann at
Fri Oct 27 05:11:59 UTC 2006

On 2006 October 25 01:32, karl wrote:
> Milan Zimmermann skrev:
> > On 2006 October 24 18:14, goran at wrote:
> >> Markus Gaelli <gaelli at> wrote:
> >>> Count me in.
> >>> Markus
> >>
> >> Ok! So I counted 4-5 people. Two questions:
> >>
> >> 1. Would it be a real problem if you were instead forced to use the
> >> Squeakland image etc?
> >
> > Not a real problem, I am just playing .. Recently (as in the last year of
> > so) , I created eToys projects in 3.8, Squeakland and OLPC, and one even
> > in 3.8 Tweak image (which felt like 3.8 eToys from project building
> > perspective), so I am not personally tied to eToys being in 3.10 etc (not
> > venturing into community building discussion :) )
> My main objection to get rid of eToy are that eToys now are about to be
> launched as a big world wide education project. I think keeping eToys in
> the image and in working order will benefit Squeak and Squeak users as
> people will be coming from more places to use and contribute to eToys.
> Dropping eToys will confuse a lot of newcomers.
> Karl

I agree with your points. I will note that I did not advocate for removing 
eToys, merely replied what it would mean for me; having said that, I also 
agree and like the approach of dividing monoliths. If Morphic/eToys are not  
reloadable (hopefully temporarily), perhaps there can be a (long) period when 
eToys users, use 3.9 or Squeakland or OLPC image, the rest the (hopefully 
gradually shrinking and divided) future versions. A note on current status: I 
remember having problems between very early 3.9 and Squeakland image projects 
loadability. So I am not at all sure that a sufficiently complex eToys 
project created in one of the 3 versions is loadable to the other 2. (if I am 
wrong someone please correct it) ..


> >> 2. Are you committed in the extent that you would actually join an eToys
> >> team making it loadable?
> >
> > Having limited time as everyone, I would rather switch completely to
> > Squeakland/OLPC for play eToys projects, and along the way spent time
> > studying Tweak and Tweak based eToys...
> >
> > Milan
> >
> >> Juan has already shown that it can be ripped
> >> out - next step would be making it loadable I presume.
> >>
> >> regards, G�ran

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