Date classes

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Mon Apr 16 23:42:25 UTC 2007

Keith Hodges wrote:
> J J wrote:
>> I have looked at Cronos but it is really huge, and the classes that 
>> come with the image are already very close.  I will have to look at 
>> Chalten, but what is wrong with a few upgrades to the classes that 
>> come with Squeak?
> Absolutely nothing, the squeak classes recently had a fairly 
> comprehensive rewrite, and are still essentially a 1.0 release, it 
> should be expected that some updates and improvements are desired. There 
> is plenty of room for these base classes to evolve. For example I would 
> also propose a split in the packaging of these classes so there can be 
> an absolute minimum Kernel version for KernelImages as well as a fully 
> featured version.

I have been experimenting with this idea recently and the bottom line is 
that all you *really* need is access to the millisecond clock primitive 
(for Delay and friends). Pretty much everything else can be built on top 
of that without access to more elaborate Date and Time classes. Moving 
#millisecondClockValue into, say, Delay would make a great starting 
point to rip out all of the Chronology classes for a minimal image.

   - Andreas

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