SMTPClient and SSL

Rob Withers reefedjib at
Thu Dec 13 16:53:50 UTC 2007

Ok, here is what I have.  It establishes a connection and talks to the 
server, but I was getting a Bad credentials error.  I have attached the code 
that bridges SSL and SMTP.  You need to load SSL from the Universes browser, 
then file in this code.  Then you can connect with something like:

client := SMTPClient openOnSSLHostNamed: '' port: 995.
client user: 'myusername at'; password: 'mypassword';
client mailFrom: 'admin at';
    recipient: 'targetuser at';
    data: 'Subject: This is a test
From: admin at
To: targetuser at

client quit.

good luck!

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> Unfortunately, I'm a Smalltalk newbie. (After 5 months, I still don't feel
> all that knowledgeable.) So I'm the wrong person to tackle something like
> this.
> Also, I just barely understand what a socket is.  :-(
> Regards,
> Richard
> -------
> There is an SSL impl in squeak.  The challenge we face is to get 
> SMTPClient
> to run on top of an SSLSocket.   SSLSocket does not implement all of the
> protocol of a Socket.  Also, there is nothing which tells SMTPSocket to 
> use
> an SSLSocket instead of a Socket.  You could write a subclass of 
> SMTPClient
> called SMTPOverSSLClient and do the right thing connecting and we could
> extend SSLSocket to do the right thing.  I am willing to help. 
> Interested?
> Rob
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