Design Principles Behind Smalltalk, Revisited

Marcel Weiher marcel at
Wed Jan 3 06:26:31 UTC 2007

On Dec 26, 2006, at 3:18 , J J wrote:

>> Again, to contrast with Python, Squeak wants to run the show, but  
>> Python plays nice with all the other free tools of the GNU/Linux  
>> ecosystem.
> I keep on seeing this, but it appears largely overstated.  Java has  
> it's own VM, threads etc. as well.

Yes, Java.  I think Python is very different from Java in this  
context, as Java also wants to run the show, and I think this is where  
it is quite similar to Smalltalk.  Python on the other hand is quite  
happy to play along with others, just like Ruby, Perl and, of course, C.

[more java comparison]

> And if you mean more to address the tools, well yes you *can* edit  
> Java code in vi if you really want to.  But no one really wants to.   
> And if your interface to the language is through some program  
> anyway, then the "barrier" of the code not being on the file system  
> disappears.

Once again, I think that Java is not a valid substitute for Python in  
this context.  In my experience, hacking Python in or Java or Ruby in  
vi is not just doable but quite useful.  I can't say the same for Java.


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