Emergency evaluator: "save and exit" command?

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Fri Jan 12 19:06:55 UTC 2007

On 11-Jan-07, at 7:32 PM, John Ersatznom wrote:

> Recovered how?

About 40% down the World menu you'll see 'changes'. click there and a  
new menu will appear - near the bootom it says 'recent log file..'  
and clicking that will open of recent image save/quit events. If you  
click on any one of those the system will scan the changels log  
forward from that time/date and give you a browser with each do it  
and method save you did. You can do a variety of things to re-install  
the ones you want. A common situation would be re-installing  
everything but the last few methods you changed since there is a good  
bet the last one cased the crash!

> Someone else mentioned using Monticello for version control. That  
> is what I had been doing in fact, but I hadn't actually had it  
> export anything yet, since of course I didn't have anything usable  
> yet, and I don't want to be at "version 56" of something before  
> it's even finished (normally, a basic finished product is version 1  
> is it not? :))

Good grief John, nobody cares what MC version number stuff is. MC is  
there to store your work as you do it. When it reaches a state where  
you want to release a version you can save a package with a new name  
and even call version 1.0 if you want.

> This situation indicates a more general issue with the entire  
> system. There are clear advantages to combining the development  
> environment and the run-time environment, but there are clear  
> disadvantages too, such as that things going wrong can b0rk the  
> debugging tools and development environment. That the normal  
> defensive practise of frequent saves with ctrl+S doesn't really  
> protect you is another issue. (Unless these are written immediately  
> to the changes file, without delay, and it really is easy to  
> recover them.)
Your code isn't 'saved' it is compiled and a copy written to the  
changes log. This is not like editing C code and compiling a bunch of  
files later. We moved on from that quaint approach a while back :-)

I won't tackle Morphic issues since I simply don't et to play in that  

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