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Brad Fuller brad at
Tue Jan 16 20:55:40 UTC 2007

Benoit St-Jean wrote:
> Just a personal comment on what I recently read on
> this list...  We should never forget that, like it or
> not, we still live in a world where ideas and opinions
> sometimes clash and are often what's necessary to
> bring the discussion to the next level.  Let's not
> forget that if Squeak became the wonderful development
> environment it is right now, we owe it to guys like
> Markus, Stéphane Ducasse, John McIntosh and a bunch of
> others.
> So I really think seeing guys like Stéphane and Markus
> drifting away from the mailing list is really not a
> "plus" for Squeak.  It's a great loss in fact.
> I'm not saying we should always blindly accepts their
> ideas and opinions but we should all at least show a
> little bit more respect in our replies on this mailing
> list.
> I, for one, often complain about Squeak's UI (Morphic)
> but I always take great care into making it clear that
> I'm not judging the work of others but rather I'm just
> expressing what bugs me with the environment.  And as
> someone once told me, if it bugs you that much, Squeak
> gives you the luxury to enhance/fix/replace it!
> Let's just not forget that the purpose of a mailing
> list is to exchange, communicate and stir new ideas,
> not stir sh*t...
> Now gentlemen, can we all work together and make 3.10
> a kick a** development environment that will make ruby
> and others look extremely pale and poor compared to
> Squeak?
> :)
> My 2 Canadian cents...
> P.S.  Markus and Stéphane, we definitely need guys
> like you here...

Well, said. I enjoy and learn a lot from Markus and Stéphane's posts.

brad fuller

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