Squeak on the PlayStation 3

Elod Kironsky kironsky at grisoft.cz
Fri Jan 19 10:42:35 UTC 2007

Alan Grimes wrote:
>> So ya those numbers suck.
>> Which version of GCC are you using?
> Other thing to check, which VM version are you using? Because Squeak.org
> didn't link to SqueakVM.org I was under the false impression that 3.7.7
> was the latest VM.
Me too. But when I checked squeakvm.org, I realized, that it still 
applies for Windows. As I use
Squeak mixed on Win and *nix, I would appreciate to have the new VM 
versions also in .exe :-)

Another thing is x64 support. I think there should be 64-bit version of 
both VM and image on the
squeak.org site. Btw, anybody has comparisons or benchmarks between 
32-bit and 64-bit versions
of Squeak on the same machine?


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