SqueakMap crashes in 3.10 beta.7158

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Thu Nov 1 02:18:11 UTC 2007

Hi Giovanni!

Giovanni Corriga <giovanni at corriga.net> wrote:
> Il giorno mer, 31/10/2007 alle 21.33 +0100, Göran Krampe ha scritto:
> > - Yes, they are different and should be complementary as they stand today.
> > - Yes, they also do overlap in many ways and could possibly be merged into
> > a single system, this has by the way been proposed by me and Brian Rice at
> > at least one point.
> > - I have had very little time moving SM forward and have also repeatedly
> > tried to round up interest in helping out on that "new SM" (not much luck
> > there though).
> As I said a couple of times on #squeak, I have some ideas on how a SM3
> could possibly work, and how it could be used as a lower-level layer for
> Universes. If anyone wants to help, feel free to contact me.
> 	Giovanni

I am interested and will gladly chat with you. :) I have tons of "SM3
writeups" laying around with ideas and concepts.

regards, Göran

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