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tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Wed Nov 21 02:55:05 UTC 2007

On 20-Nov-07, at 11:48 AM, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

> What is the situation regarding the change to MIT license for  
> Squeak.org?

There are *still* people that have code in the system and haven't  
signed and sent in the licensing form.

You can see a complete list of initials and the names we believe  
attach to them, a list of missing email addresses and get a copy of  
the license form from Craig's page at

The following list of initials and names (where known) is derived from  
Andrew Black's analysis
AFi:  Alain Fischer
ASF:  ?
BJP:  Bijan Parsia
BP:  Bijan Parsia
EW:  ?
JW:  Jesse Welton
JWS:  John Sarkela
KTT:  Kurt Thams
LEG:  Gerald Leeb
MAL:  Michael Latta
MM:  marca?
MPH:  Michael Hewner
PH:  Phil Hudson
PHK:  Peter Keeler
RAH:  Richard A. Harmon
RB:  Roland Bertuli
RCS:  Russell Swan
RJ:  Ranjan Bagchi
RvL:  Reinier van Loon
TAG:  Travis Griggs
TBP:  ?
abc:  ?
ac:  Andres Coratella
acg:  Andrew C. Greenberg
ag:  Andrew Gaylard?
aoy:  Andres Otaduy
bmk:  Brian Keefer
bolot:  Bolot Kerimbaev
bvs:  Ben Schroeder
de:  ?
djp:  David J. Pennell
dls:  ?
dns:  David N. Smith
drs:  ?
dwh:  Dwight Hughes
eat:  Eric Arseneau Tremblay
edt:  ?
em:  Ernest Micklei?
emm:  Ernest Micklei
hg:  Henrik Gedenryd
hh:  Helge Horch
jdl:  ?
jj:  ?
jla:  Jerry Archibald
jsp:  Jeff Pierce
jwh:  Jim Heyne
len:  Luciano Esteban Notarfrancesco
los:  Lothar Schenk
m:  ?
mdr:  Mike Rutenberg
mkd:  Michael Donegan
mx:  Maximialiano Taborda
nm:  Norberto Manzanos
nop:  Jay Carlson
panda:  ?
pmm:  ?
pnm:  Paul McDonough
programmatic:  ?
r++:  Gerardo Richarte
reThink:  John Sarkela
rjf:  Ricardo J. Ferreira
rlf:  ?
rop:  Russell Penney
rpj:  Robert P. Jarvis
sac:  Scott Crosby
sk:  ?
tfei:  The Fourth Estate, Inc.
to:  ?
tp:  ?
ts:  Torsten Sadowski
ward:  Ward Cunningham
wb:  Wayne Braun
wdc:  Bill Cattey

If you are one of these people, please go to the above webpage and  
sign & send the form. If you know any of these people, please ask them  
to go to the above webpage and sign & send the form.

Oh, and I *think* that strictly speaking we're not in the business of  
relicensing the system as MIT; Apple relicensed the 1.1 release under  
the Apache 2.0 license and we are trying to get everything added  
subsequently to be under MIT. So far as I can work out that means the  
*system* as a whole will be legally Apache 2.0 but I am not a lawyer  
and I don't even play one on TV.

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