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Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Wed Dec 17 05:54:22 UTC 2008

Hi Göran--

 > (Hmmm, odd, this email had a gmane address and not squeak-dev...)

      Yeah, I get squeak-dev via gmane (NNTP). Otherwise I'd never catch 
up. :)


 > 3.11 has lost *all* visibility to me. I didn't know whether it had
 > even started because there was nothing on the server, there were no
 > announcements on this list, so how would people know?


 > IMHO this has more to do with our current board and its lack of...
 > communication.


 > It's been quite a while since you've said anything to me on the
 > #squeak channel on IRC, and I'm there most days. Given your current
 > comments, this seems odd to me.

      Göran again (sorry for all quotation, it seems relevant for context):

 > I am mainly referring to "official" communication, which means
 > squeak-dev in my book.

      Sure, I agree. What I mean is that, given how upset you seemed to 
be about this, I'm surprised you didn't contact me directly to discuss 
it, particularly since it's so easy to do. I simply can't pay as much 
attention to squeak-dev as I do to direct contact; I'm sure I'm not 
unusual in this regard.

 > > I encourage anyone who chooses to spend significant time complaining
 > > to consider spending at least some of that time being on the
 > > leadership team instead.
 > Hehe, well, I do think I am pulling my share in this community anyway
 > and also do think we who are not on the board are allowed to
 > "complain".

      I don't mean to cast aspersions on your level of commitment (or 
anyone's). I'm noting that you've spent a lot of energy on a particular 
thing (no scare-quotes needed, complaining is perfectly valid thing to 
do), and suggesting you could spend some of that energy more constructively.

      You write a lot of squeak-dev email, Göran, so much that I can't 
help but think you actually do have time to serve on the leadership 
team. :) I encourage you to run; I'm glad you've considered it and hope 
you will consider it again.

 > > The 3.11 team has the full support of the leadership team. The
 > > leadership team's understanding is that the 3.11 team (like all
 > > teams) would take responsibility for their task and its visibility.
 > > The primary task of the leadership team is to delegate. Again, those
 > > who prefer a different mandate for the leadership team should run
 > > for election.
 > I would gladly have seen some kind of ANN to this effect and not just
 > a few fuzzy lines hidden in meeting notes. I mean, we are talking
 > about an *assigned Team for the next release*! Kinda important don't
 > you think?

      Of course it is, and so are the meeting notes. Just as it's the 
leadership team's responsibility to let the community know what happens 
in the meetings, it's each community member's responsibility to stay 
informed by reading the meeting notes. And those notes are short. :) I 
think it's a stretch to say that anything's buried in there.

      Again, anyone who thinks something isn't stated prominently enough 
can volunteer to amplify it. Ken has been doing just this with many 
community items, in fact. (Hey Ken, you should run in the election, too.  :)

 > But considering the above being an official standpoint I will from now
 > on pester the 3.11 team instead about *its* visibility. :)

      Cool! :)

 > [the Teams table]

      I suspect our most recent exchange about this is moot, given that 
my August edits got swizzled in the server crashes, so I'll just wait to 
hear what you think of the current restored and corrected version. And 
reiterate that I care. There's no way I would put up with you if I 
didn't care. ;)

      thanks again,


Craig Latta
improvisational musical informaticist
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