[squeak-dev] Re: Mantis fixes

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 18 22:57:18 UTC 2008

>> That's fine with me although I will wait a bit to see if anyone has a
>> complaint.  But at the same time an explanation of why would be greatly
>> appreciated.  I don't think it is anything you can rely on as few of us
>> do it (I think I myself have forgotten more than once)
> I'm a user of this Mantis-wikilike-attach-me-a-fix system and I also
> have forgotten this more than once. It would help if Installer could
> look for that by itself, M1234 cannot not be hard to find in a String ;)
Installer doesn't use the Mxxxx prefix at all, it was Tim's idea. I just
wanted the change sets to look tidier, in the changeset browser, and be
easier sort in a list.
> Regardless of that I'm positively surprised how smooth that works with
> a dinosaur (pre-Ajax system) like Mantis but the advantages speak for
> themselves:
> - focus is on the issue level
> - sub-issue levels are status, notes, attachments, relations
> - no need to invent unique wiki page id's or watch out for clashes
> And I can always see which of the patches/fixes made it into the
> "upstream". Is there a summary report available somehow (perhaps from
> Installer?).
The csv export is searchable from Installer, so it would be good to do.

Installer mantis search: [ :bug | bug category = 'Collections' ]

A full export download of Mantis is available in
ftp://squeak:viewpoints@squeak.warwick.st/mc/Mantis packages
'Mantis-Core' 'Mantis-Bugs' that we could run such queries against.
> Or are there plans that Installer sets one of the status fields so
> that reporters+developers can filter that out by themselves?
I would like to do something like that, but it is tricky to work out
exactly what will work.

Installer records the fixes that it applied in: Installer mantis

I wanted two coloured status' to indicate 1) that they are in the
test-candidate image, and 2) that they are in the
stable-candidate-image.  The "fixed in" field: can indicate which image
the fix is targeted for. We dont currently have a field that indicates
"Fix available", like an in-tray. I also think that the "resolved" field
could use some more options, since "fixed/open" are all that is
generally used.


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