[squeak-dev] Re: Jeff Raskin's zoom world in Squeak

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Thank you for the advice.

Ben Cooper

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> karl wrote:
>> Here is a little more info:
>> The comment below is from a change set that was added to Squeak 2.9a. You 
>> may have to load a Squeak version from that timeframe for it to work as 
>> expected.
> As a word of advice: Don't even go near that place in recent Squeak 
> versions. This code was always extremely experimental and hasn't been 
> touched in years (7+ if I'm counting correctly). If you're serious about 
> creating a whole new UI (instead of just dabbling for an hour or two to 
> see what can be done) you'll be better off starting from scratch than 
> trying to retrofit that code.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas
>> 3006newZoomAndScroll-raa -- Bob Arning -- 20 November 2000
>> newZoomAndScroll
>> fifth version:
>> - preset Alan's preferred scale factors for pan and zoom
>> - try to keep center of image centered as we zoom
>> fourth version:
>> - an effort is made to keep the view full of content
>> - two sliders are added to experiment with scale factors for pan/tilt and 
>> zoom
>> - we were already doing this: Also, looking ahead into the future a 
>> little, each page in the bookmorph will have its own zoom, pan and tilt 
>> settings ....
>> third version:
>> - do not rely on continuous mouse moves
>> - adjust things dropped into inner pasteup so that none extend over left 
>> or top edge
>> second version:
>> - added scripting commands to StoryboardBookMorph for getting and setting 
>> scale, offsetX and offsetY (of the current page).
>> first version:
>> - made contents of the zoomer a true playfield in a transformation so 
>> multiple morphs are possible
>> -----
>> third version:
>> - zooming/scrolling controls now in a separate area below the page
>> - Balloon interpolating mode now the default
>> second version:
>> - ZoomAndScrollMorph becomes a PasteUpMorph so it can be in a book
>> - StoryboardBookMorph is a book that uses ZoomAndScrollMorph as its pages
>> zooming and scolling for Alan
>> - get a ZoomAndScrollMorph from the new morph/demo menu
>> - drop any morph in it
>> - drag mouse horizontally to pan
>> - drag mouse vertically to zoom
>> - shift-drag vertically to move up/down
>> - change the instance variable <usingBalloon> to true to use Balloon"

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