[squeak-dev] +1 for the Web tool debate [was: We need new Web Team leader (Was: I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31)]

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at cobss.com
Fri Mar 14 05:17:47 UTC 2008


it would not be the squeak-dev list if we wouldn't see an immediate start  
of the tools debate (i.e. Aida v.s. Seaside, what features are  
(not)supported, etc :) when the community is concerned about less work and  
more volunteers for the web team :)

But in fact we want something along these lines,

o a package which is maintained by dedicated people
o protection of investment/content with updates, upgrades
o support for WAI, WCAG, more W3 standards+initiatives
o "something" running on Squeak
o in-line editing
o drag&drop
o copy,cut,paste
o undo,redo

this and more for creation and maintenance of the content on  
www.squeak.org by the web team. Therefore I think, we want something like  


I'd negotiate with the CMSBox people for getting a copy of their Squeak  
app and a migration plan, in service for the Squeak community.


On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 00:12:53 +0100, Igor Stasenko wrote:

> Changed the topic, to make things even more clear.

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