[squeak-dev] I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31

Ken Causey ken at kencausey.com
Fri Mar 14 19:55:14 UTC 2008

Brad and Jason,

I want to explain a little bit about how this discussion got started.
You I believe will have noticed the emails from Karl yesterday where he
had gotten to the point of wanting the Board to appoint someone to
replace him as website team leader because he could not find a
replacement.  I insisted that this was not a job for the Board and he
needed to give the community one more chance and make it as clear as
possible that there was no more time to wait around, someone needed to
step up now.

After that I was thinking about why no one had stepped up previously and
I had come to the conclusion that no one was interested in a job that
seemed like merely drudgework making minor changes to an existing site.
It occurred to me that many capable people might be interested if only
they could make a more significant change.

At the same time I had just logged onto #squeak and looked around at the
people in the channel and wondered if any of them seemed like likely
candidates to me and whether I could talk any of them into volunteering.
After looking around the only one I could think of was Janko Mivsek.
Janko is pretty active in wanting to promote Aida and it occured to me
that he might find the idea of building a new Squeak.org site using Aida
as very attractive and because it would be a visible representative of
Aida he would have an interest in maintaining the site over the long
term.  So I asked him if he would be interested.

In the back of my mind (well maybe more in the foreground than that) I
wondered why no one from the Seaside community had stepped up and it
occurred to me that Janko stepping up might spur one of them to also do
so.  That has yet to happen.

However please note that someone else has stepped up and that is Brian
Rice.  Brian is not happy about having Janko involved and is interested
more in maintaining something more like the status quo although possibly
switching to a Seaside hosted website.  I recommend that you talk to
Brian and see if you can work with him and what he has in mind.

Also of course one of you would be welcome to step forward.  Jason was
the previous team leader of course so maybe he feels he has done his
stint.  Your turn Brad?

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