[squeak-dev] Re: Swazoo - LGPL or MIT?

Taun Chapman taun at charcoalia.net
Mon Mar 24 00:17:44 UTC 2008

As an ignorant lurker, this has been a quite amazing 49 posts thread. Almost nothing relevant to the original issue.

1) Squeak/Seaside community wants all included code to be under the MIT license.

2) Janko, the maintainer of Swazoo would like to officially make the Swazoo license MIT for the above reason.

So despite 49 posts, what is unresolved is whether Janko can make the Swazoo license officially MIT and what hoops he would need to jump through to do so? What is the procedure for confirming and or possibly changing a license? How many Swazoo contributors are there out there? Do they all need to be contacted? Did they all think it was GPL? Does there need to be a new release with a new license?

In addition there is the question of why Bruce Badger is so against Swazoo having the MIT license? If Squeak is MIT and Bruce is using Squeak, why is he against Swazoo being the same license?

Everyone except Bruce is saying "use only MIT" or "make the license clear and consistent" but no one is suggesting how to do so other than Bruce who is saying "Swazoo is GPL, end of story." None of this seems very constructive.


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