[squeak-dev] Re: Where's the beef? (Was: Re: [Newbies] [semi-OT] (fwd) Re: What Killed Smalltalk?)

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Sat Dec 12 18:17:09 UTC 2009

Chris Cunnington wrote:
> There are now 39 two-minuted videos at our Vimeo repository. And they are all copied on YouTube. I plan to make an even set of 50. 
> And since other people read this board, it would be good if people looked at those videos and pointed out what was wrong. I get to learn more that way. 
> http://www.youtube.com/user/gandysmedicineshow

I subscribed to the feed and have begun watching. These are excellent - up to date (for now), well made and really 
useful for new and old squeakers.

Videos like the Cobalt one with a lot of close-up panning and window flipping can feel a bit frenetic, maybe you could 
try with a little less zoom ?

Thanks Chris!


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