[squeak-dev] Re: a little more due process

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Feb 17 06:18:22 UTC 2010

keith wrote:
> There were no emails from any member of the board for 8 weeks.

That's not exactly true. Please revisit your inbox. You will find a 
series of messages, on April 21st and around May 5th, with the subject 
"3.11 status". I pinged Matthew (the release team leader) again around 
June 16/17. The nature of our conversation was such that I didn't feel 
broadening the scope after the initial ping and consequently you weren't 
privy to this discussion since Matthew chose not to broaden it either. 
However, in some later response I even pointed out to him that "we (the 
board) would like to talk to Keith first to make sure we're all in 
agreement on the way forward".

That we didn't end up communicating with you after all was mostly 
because when the discussion suddenly came up that ended in the trunk 
development model, I felt that this was too good an opportunity to miss 
(i.e., people were clearly expressing their concerns and wanted to move 
on). And you hadn't been active on either mailing list and not responded 
to any of the messages I'd sent in the past and completely ignored this 
particular discussion on Squeak-dev so that I felt you'd basically gone 
AWOL. That's the part I truly apologize for, for not having taken the 
time to find out what's up with you and your work and to get your 
feedback at that point (plus I obviously didn't expect the kind of 
reaction in return since I had expected Matthew to be a reflection of 
the entire release team's feelings).

However, the general claim that there was no conversation between the 
board and the release teams for eight weeks is wrong. There was ongoing 
conversation all driven by me. (I'd be happy to share this conversation 
to prove my point but I consider such conversations private and only 
share it publicly with explicit permission which means both you and Matthew)

>> no indication that another three years would not go by without any
>> results.
> No liaison form the board to ask what progress actually was.

I did. I've asked several times. First, on the release team list (in 
April), then with direct messages to you and Matthew (in April and May) 
and finally to Matthew as a follow-up on the previous conversation in 
mid June.

   - Andreas

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