[squeak-dev] Re: Virtual System Window

Josh Gargus josh at schwa.ca
Wed Feb 17 23:51:44 UTC 2010

On Feb 8, 2010, at 6:36 PM, Andreas Raab wrote:

> Gary Dunn wrote:
>> On Mon, 08 Feb 2010 17:06:59 -0800 Andreas Raab <andreas.raab at gmx.de> wrote:
>>> Gary Dunn wrote:
>>>> Does Squeak have a class that provides a window with content coming from
>>> a host GUI
>>> systcm app such as Firefox? I see something like that in Cobalt. I found a
>>> simple shell
>>> capability but nothing that can display a windowed app.
>>> I think what you've seen in Cobalt was based on VNC access to a remote machine. If that's what you're looking for check out the RFB package which implements the VNC protocol.
>> Thanks, Andreas. I will do that. Remember how Windows when it was new could overcome missing functionality by running apps like MultiMate and Lotus 1-2-3 in a window? That's what I want for Squeak except extended to support X.
> Well, if you're trying to go X only, you can probably check how some of the fancy new 3D window manager handle offscreen rendering of applications to support compositing and do something similar instead of using VNC.

You might also ping Lawson English, who seems to be doing something similar in the opposite direction (drawing into a bitmap with Squeak, and copying the results to an X pixmap in another process).


> Cheers,
>  - Andreas

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