[squeak-dev] Re: SmalltalkImage current vs. Smalltalk

Nicolas Cellier nicolas.cellier.aka.nice at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 11:27:23 UTC 2010

I like Keith proposition, and  I think it's also urgent to read the
Newspeak ones before making any modification


2010/3/2 keith <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk>:
> 1) The Cuis variant: Move all the code back to SystemDictionary; implement
> SmalltalkImage current as ^Smalltalk.
> Cuis didn't exactly move the code back to SystemDictionary, of course it
> never left in the first place. It is easier for Cuis to implement
> compatibility with "trunk" than it is for "trunk" to go back to the old way.
> How much code uses Smalltalk at: ? As soon as you put SmalltalkImage current
> into Smalltalk you have to make what was an "image utilities" class behave
> like a dictionary.
> You seem to be saying, we must have a single place to access this stuff
> called "Smalltalk". I think what really needs to happen is to factor things
> up nicely and logically so we know where to find things and can write
> compatible code.
> I propose as a starting point, that we design a scheme or convention that
> implements the "long hand" variant, and then when happy with this, implement
> the short hand versions. The most obvious long hand variant.
> self class environment "system globals"
> self class environment image
> self class environment navigation
> self class environment sourceFiles
> self class environment startupManager.
> self class environment organization.
> For the shorter hand variants, personally I wouldn't mind these being
> implemented on Object, aka #systemNavigation.
> self systemEnvironment, self systemImage, self systemNavigation, self
> systemSourceFiles, self systemStartupManager, self systemOrganization
> but I think I would prefer an instance side implementation of
> #environment/#system/#smalltalk
> SmalltalkImage current would then become:
> self environment image / self smalltalk image.
> ok, it's not compatible, but its not a mess either.
> The compatibility I would fix temporarily with better code loading tools, or
> a dnu: on SystemDictionary.
> K.

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