[squeak-dev] Re: [Election] ...is soon upon us! Last day info

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Mar 12 01:40:36 UTC 2010

On 3/11/2010 3:53 PM, keith wrote:
> If this type of situation can happen three times, then it can happen a
> forth time and a fifth.

Three times? Care to elaborate?

> Bert says that being on the board is like being among friends. That is
> as maybe, but when you let politics get in the way of friendship, the
> friendship is either over or it never was. So its time to stop
> pretending that this is about friendships, we had a good crew on irc for
> the past three years, along comes Andreas, a relative outsider to the
> irc crew, ignores all the existing channels, and over-rules. Where was
> the friendship operating there? A friend would have told him to get
> stuffed, where was he for the past 3/4 years, he had not contributed a
> bean to the community, and even the fixes he did contribute was like
> getting blood out of a stone.

And what exactly does that mean? That I'm sitting on all of these great 
fixes that I won't give to you? Man, you're pathetic.

> Andreas has the teleplace adenda, and quite simply he wants control of
> the image, so that it works the way he wants it to. (Btw: How many
> teleplace employees are candidates for the election?, just curious,
> before its too late)

Craig and Myself. Teleplace has had consulting contracts with Bert and 
Igor in the past but nothing within the last year if I recall correctly.

As for what I want, why would I want control of the image? That seems 
like the oddest desire ever :-) Given that I've spent a lot of time 
making things reloadable wouldn't that also be contrary to the alleged 
purpose of controlling the image?

My real long-term goal is to enable the Squeak community to be a 
feasible open source community, to be self-sufficient in its 
development, to avoid relying on only one or two key contributors, to be 
able to survive a key contributor to drop out.

That's why I'm trying to channel the energy back into Squeak.org by 
encouraging projects like Croquet and Etoys to move back on top of 
Squeak.org; that's why I'm seeing Cuis at one end of the spectrum that 
we need to support (cf. the recent discussions about Cuis and Squeak 
being supersets one way or the other) and if it weren't for personal 
animosity I'd be trying to convince Pharo to join the effort as well. 
That's also why I'm trying to broaden the base of core developers and 
that's why I feel that collaborating on a shared artifact (the trunk) is 
the right direction forward.

All of the projects have a role in the grand scheme. They're all Squeak 
and if we split our efforts five-ways nobody is going to win. We need a 
strong development base -Squeak- and from there we have the various 
directions and environments, Etoys, Croquet, Cuis, Seaside, Pharo, you 
name it.

> My agenda was the opposite - to provide tools that you could make the
> image anything you wanted it to be. One is about control, the other is
> about liberty.

No, the former is about collaboration on a shared artifact. If you think 
I'm "controlling" the trunk please provide an example for how exactly 
I'm doing that in your opinion.

   - Andreas

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