[squeak-dev] Re: Packaging of 4.1 for Windows

Ian Trudel ian.trudel at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 18:22:33 UTC 2010

2010/3/26 Gary Dunn <osp at aloha.com>:
> Ian, Andreas, et al. --

Hi Gary,

> Great work! I installed on Win 7, went smooth. Very attractive looking
> with the Squeak logo.

Reminds me, does anyone has a vectorized version of the logo? It would
be much easier to work with.

> A few nit picks:
> 1. Everything installed in \Users\gary\AppData\Local\Squeak 4.1 Alpha.
> This is fine *except* that Windows default configuration has AppData
> hidden, so to all but the most experienced Windows users Squeak will be
> invisible and unreachable. I would prefer a folder named Squeak located
> for XP under My Documents and for Win 7 a sibling of Documents, Photos,
> Music, etc. which would be for storing things the user can change, such
> as images files and projects. The VM should go in \Program Files\Squeak.
> I have not had enough experience to say where the sources file should
> go.

My favourite approach would support multi-user environment but would
probably require to copy the image/source in every account - at least
on the first start-up. For this reason, I'd like to suggest we stick
to a single user install until it becomes a necessity to support a
multi-user install.

%LocalAppData% is currently used but I would gladly change it to
%UserProfile%\Documents\ if this is what people wants. Anyone else
for/against the change?

> 2. When I start Squeak with the Start menu shortcut or the desktop icon
> an image selection dialog opens on \Users\gary\My Documents.
>    - My new 4.1 image was not there
>    - "My Documents" is the XP name, although Windows "understands"

The behaviour was as expected here. It's easy to fix and I will add
the default directory to start in to the configuration file.

> 3. There is no entry in the Remove Software control panel. I found an
> uninstall program, did not test. This should be mentioned prominently
> during installation.

Good catch. I will look to add Squeak in the Remove Software control panel.

> 4. Will this installer do the right thing with upgrades? I tend to put
> all images in one folder. Is it better to put all 4.1 based images in a
> Squeak 4.1 folder and, later, all 4.2 based images under a sibling
> Squeak 4.2 folder? Upgrades have more of an effect on the VM, right? But
> then there are the sources, and the ffi and other bits.

The current behaviour stipulates the default directory created also
use Squeak version number and Squeak tag. This means versions won't
collide in any way. There is currently no upgrade support for the
VM/plugins/etc. Other Squeak related upgrades are naturally pushed in
with upgrade button within Squeak or whatever will be available with
the version packaged.

> 5. IMHO, the text in the Squeak desktop is too technical for first time
> users. Leave Whats New on the desktop but minimized, and instead display
> a welcome window that tells a first time user what to do ... how to
> exit, how to open and close Squeak windows (the circle), links to
> on-line tutorials and videos. Let's not have Squeak feel like an
> Adventure game. (Anybody been around long enough to have played
> Adventure, to experience the wonder of the Colossal Cave?)

Yes, that would be great. I'll update the installer with whatever will
be provided.

Thanks for your feedback, Gary.


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